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Developing Scientific Vocabulary

3 November 2018

According to the EEF’s Improving Secondary Science report, there are “consistent and strong correlations between pupils’ literacy skills and their success in learning science, and literacy interventions have shown impacts on science outcomes.” That’s why recommendation 6 of the report (develop scientific vocabulary and support pupils to read and write about science) is so important. […]

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5 Reasons Why ‘Improving Secondary Science’ isn’t just for Science Teachers

30 September 2018

The recently published Improving Secondary Science guidance report is a treasure trove of evidence-informed recommendations for secondary science teachers, heads of science departments and senior leaders. But to limit the report to science teachers would mean that the rest of us have to miss out on a fantastic exploration of many important concepts in teaching. Here are five reasons you should read the guidance report – even if you’re not a science teacher. […]

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Training: Improving Literacy in Primary Schools

10:00 on 7 February 2019–15:00 on 13 June 2019

This year Bradford Research School will again deliver its ‘Improving Literacy in Primary Schools’ programme – a 3-day course which will not only develop Literacy leaders but will have an impact on teaching and learning in Bradford schools. Bradford Research School invites primary school leaders who have a responsibility for English to learn more about what the available research says are the best bets for raising standards in reading and writing, with a particular focus on Key Stage 2. […]

Author: Aidan Severs
Posted on: 28 September 2018
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Exploring the Toolkit: 5 Key Questions to Ask

24 June 2018

Recent research from the NFER showed that “59% of senior leaders and 23% of teachers use the Sutton Trust/EEF Toolkit to inform evidence-based teaching methods.” There are 46 topics in total in the Teaching and Learning Toolkit and the Early Years Toolkit, ranging from Phonics to School Uniform. In a series of posts, we are exploring how to make […]

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Things You Should Continue Doing In The Early Years (And What The Research Says About Why)

17 June 2018

Following the release of the EEF’s Preparing for Literacy guidance report, Aidan Severs highlights some common Early Years practices that the ‘Preparing for Literacy’ guidance report confirms as best bets – things you should definitely continue to do in your Nursery and Reception classrooms. […]

Author: Aidan Severs
Posted on: 17 June 2018
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Metacognition in Primary

28 May 2018

Following the recent EEF guidance report into Metacognition and Self-regulated Learning, Aidan Severs looks at the implications for Primary schools. […]

Author: Aidan Severs
Posted on: 28 May 2018
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Metacognition: It’s Good to Talk

29 April 2018

The latest EEF guidance report on Metacognition and self-regulated learning sets out seven recommendations on how to develop pupils’ metacognitive skills and knowledge. One aspect that struck us in the report was the value in teachers considering how to use their talk to support metacognition in the classroom, and in this post we explore some of those ideas. […]

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From soundbite to sound practice

15 April 2018

The blog this week comes from Corinne Angier, secondary maths consultant with Trinity MAT, the home of the West Yorkshire Maths Hub, Trinity Teaching School Alliance and White Rose Maths. […]

Author: Corinne Angier
Posted on: 15 April 2018
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Unpacking a School’s Guide to Implementation Part 5: Sustainability

25 March 2018

Over the last few weeks, we have been exploring the various stages of successful implementation, as explored in the EEF guidance report Putting Evidence to Work: A School’s Guide to Implementation. This post looks at Recommendation 6: Plan for sustaining and scaling an intervention from the outset and continuously acknowledge and nurture its use. […]

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Unpacking a school’s guide to implementation Part 3: The active ingredients

25 February 2018

In part 3 of our exploration of the EEF guidance report Putting Evidence to Work: A School’s Guide to Implementation, we have reached Recommendation 4: Create a clear implementation plan, judge the readiness of the school to deliver that plan, then prepare staff and resources. […]

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