Psychology in Schools Workshop

17 September 2018

Psychology offers a number of opportunities to enhance our understanding of children’s’ development and learning in school. Drawing on the latest research in the field of psychology in education, this workshop aims to introduce teachers and SENDCOs to research evidence on the factors that affect children’s learning in primary and secondary school.

The course will be delivered by academic researchers from the Universities of York, Oxford Brookes, and Cambridge who will work with delegates to use psychological evidence to reflect on and develop current practice.

The day will be held on Monday 17th September and will consist of three exciting sessions:

Children’s Mental Health (Dr Umar Toseeb) – This session is intended to introduce delegates to key psychological concepts, by exploring current debates in Education concerning the nature of mental health and wellbeing in children.  There will be an emphasis on different pathways from early home environments to mental health outcomes in childhood.  Delegates will reflect on their own practice of working with key stakeholders to support the social and emotional development of pupils of all ages.

Genetics of Learning (Dr Dianne Newbury)- In the second session of the day, course delegates will be introduced to the concept of heritability.  How much of the difference between pupils learning is influenced by the environment (such as the classroom) and how much is biologically driven?  Discussions will be focussed on the genetic basis of language learning and how this might influence learning in the classroom.

Play and Social Development (Dr Jenny Gibson)– In the final session of the day, delegates will explore the research evidence on the role of play on psychological development.  Playtime interactions are important for children’s social development.  Course delegates will reflect on the role of playtime and how it can be used to aid learning.  Discussions will focus on the how children with language difficulties, such as those with English as an additional language, developmental language disorder, or autism spectrum disorder may benefit from play-based learning.

Schedule of the day:

9.15am-9.30am: Registration and Coffee

9.30am-11am: Children’s Mental Health (Dr Umar Toseeb, University of York)

11am -11.15am: Break

11.15am – 12.45pm:  Genetics of Learning (Dr Dianne Newbury, Oxford Brookes University)

12.45pm – 1.30pm: Lunch

1.30pm-3pm: Play and Social Development (Dr Jenny Gibson, University of Cambridge)

3pm – 3.15pm: Summary and Wrap-up

The course will be FREE of charge* and will be held at Dixons Kings Academy, Bradford. Please note, this is a change from the original venue of Dixons Trinity Academy.  It will be delivered by academic researchers from the Universities of York, Oxford Brookes, and Cambridge.

*In order to ensure maximum participation and fairness, should you cancel with less than 2 working days notice your employer will be charged the actual cost per delegate (£100).

Sign up here and please contact us if you would like further details:

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